Some of our associates in Nigeria are:

    • Engineering Services Contractors Limited: Made up of different other companies that engage in different aspects of Engineering including Mechanical and Electrical services.

    • Master Builders Construction Company Limited: Master Builders Construction Company Limited is a foremost Construction Company in Nigeria delivering excellent building and construction services.

    • Safety and Sanitary Engineering Company Limited: Nigeria's best Sewage and Water Engineering Company, engages in design, construction, installation and maintenance of Sewage and Water Treatment plants.
    • Shepherd Pumps Limited: Imports and markets Pumps within Nigeria. This Company, for fifteen years, was the Nigerian Agent for Pullen Pumps Limited, England. Since the buying over of Pullen Pumps Limited by Armstrong Pumps Limited, Shepherd Pumps Limited became the Nigerian Agents for Messrs. Armstrong Pumps Limited, and recently (2010)of Armstrong Integrated Limited. Shepherd Pumps Limited is also an agent of Homa Pumps and the sole Nigerian agent of Bombas Ideal, Spain.